sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Agnetha & Bjorn

Bueno aca les dejo una cancion cantada por Bjorn y Agnetha a dueto "Så Här Börjar Kärlek"  (that's how love begins) como parte de este especial de San Valentin...



Here we go together
Five hours ago
So I did not know you even existed,
It was pure luck
We met in the crowd
Then we danced the dance at the dance.
We did not say much

But smiled at each other
As we have long dreamed to be seen again,
We can not be separated
We should gone home
And slept for a long time ago,
But we are here filled
Of what has happened to us
It is only the beginning yet.
I will start working

In a few hours
And it starts to get light over the city,
As they say at home
When I sneak me into
Since the house has woken up for the day.
We do not want to break

The atmosphere we know
For it will never again;
We are a little shy
And wonder a little
For what we have on nature,
To start love
And what we know
It is only the beginning yet.



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